Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Post in progress

Working my way through building a ton of weapons for GURPS Metro, I'm up to 5 pages and nowhere near completion. I predict the total post will be somewhere between 10 and 15, possibly up to 20 pages if I have to tweak some formatting to get stuff to display nicely.

I think that once I have everything done for GURPS Metro and Crossroads (new name for The Wastelands, which was always meant to just be a portion of the world, rather than the world itself), I'm going to collect them into worldbooks (GURPS Metro can largely stand alone in any setting with mild fantasy elements or slight superscience).

Of course, I'm apparently one of what seems like 5 people left on the planet who GM things in GURPS (or have even heard of GURPS), so I'm probably not looking at a real big audience for it...

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  1. If you publish your stuff you're doing better than SJG with the game...