Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kick in the teeth

I'm not the strongest of people, even though I'm bigger and stronger than many. But one thing that's always been something of a point of pride for me was my ability to punch FAR beyond my weight class. I'm talking keeping up with people who could squat, bench, or curl 2-3 times what I could, when it came to dishing out damage with punches, throwing things, etc.

Tried to do one of those Ring the bell with the hammer game things at the Renaissance Faire. Despite perfect technique, perfect accuracy, and giving it everything I had, I couldn't ring the bell. I should have been able to ring the bell, but I've been having trouble getting back into shape due to sleeping trouble (light sleeper + combat reflexes + high perception + insomnia = bad) and the lack of a proper gym (apartment complex has a fitness center, but the all-purpose weight machine is broken in essentially every way it's possible for it to be busted).

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some borderline psychotic rage energy to burn off from having a hearty combination of my berserk buttons pushed. I'm going to go run, lift (I do have a thing for working out, it just isn't the same type of workout as proper weights), and train, until the urge to beat people to death with their own detached heads goes away a lot.

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