Monday, July 14, 2014

Gurps ammo modification

For GURPS Metro,  I want to reduce the power of most rounds to represent crappy materials. But I also want to have at least 3 rounds available,  good at different things. With 7.62 tokarev (3d-1 pi-), 9x19mm (2d+2 pi) and .45 acp (2d) I have a nice spread of armor piercing ability,  all around utility, and anti-flesh performance. My problem is finding even rules to weaken 7.62 tokarev without making it unable to punch through stuff.  I don't want to just nerf it less than everything else, but that's looking like I might have to to keep it actually worthwhile


  1. Chemistry...

    It's easier to make the hotter powders that nearly explode rather than just burn.

    If anything home-grown ammo is loaded hotter than factory ammo because moderating chemicals and fine tooling to control the shape of the grains is no longer available. If anything you're increasing the chances that something will break the gun rather than slowing down the bullets.

    On 7.62 Tok; don't forget that pi-! 3d-1 pi- does an average of 9 raw damage, which will punch 9 DR. But it's divided by 2 once it penetrates... So even an unarmored target sucks up 4 hits. DR 3, like sheet metal plates sewn into a leather vest will only suffer a 3 point hit, on average, from a TT-33.

    1. I'm keeping rules for guns exploding beyond when they're supposed to be removed to account for that. Crappy primers are represented by -1 malf in automatics, although I might bump that up to -1 EXTRA in automatics and -1 to malf everywhere. I wanted to have high quality ammo available, but not the norm. Still, getting out of a bunch of accuracy and reliability penalties would be significant, even if there's no change in damage. And I JUST got something I felt happy with for marginally nerfed pistol cartridges, too.

      The whole point of the 7.62 Tok is to get through armor. Low damage is better than pinging uselessly off of armor. Rules for getting around armor by hit location will be in effect, but I at least want it there. You're right though, now that I think about it I'm not TOO worried about the balance, since I'm guessing it isn't going to be heavily used.