Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Shooter and Range Time

Took my bf to the range (one of the first things I do, actually, whenever I start dating someone. Or just get to know them. Or they indicate they'd like to go to the range. You get the idea), and taught him to shoot. Got him started on my 10/22, and then let him give the Glock 17 a try. He was surprised at the recoil on the pistol, and how difficult it was to shoot accurately, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I also got in some much needed range time. It has been far, far too long. Because the range I was at is a cool outdoor range, I was able to work on my draw from the holster. One of those times I hadn't seated the magazine properly, so drawing the gun (very quickly, I might add) led to the magazine skipping partway down the range we were using. Since this place has multiple lanes separated by huge dirt berms, this wasn't an issue, but it was still slightly embarrassing. I remained a very fast shot with the 10/22, but my accuracy suffered from disuse. I need to get some aperture sights for the thing, gotten used to them from all my years with the S2K.

I definitely need to get one of those laser pistol trainers, and take advantage of the fact that I now make enough money to buy ammo, and ammo is once again buyable (mostly. Still need a .22 pistol... and for .22LR to stop being rarer than hen's teeth)

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