Wednesday, July 2, 2014

GURPS Metro: Crunch Time

I've talked about all the story setup of the world, now it's time for the crunch. Numbers, extra rules, and whatnot.

Pre-calamity, times were up to 7+1. Post calamity, things are knocked down to 6.5. TL7 gear is moderately available if you can find it, or spend extra to make the steel for it, but generally things are at about TL6 due to restrictions on resources and space to use them. Due to the calamity, most of the extra weirdness that normally permits areas in and adjacent to the wasteland to be at +1 TL is not presently working in this region, leading to a regular TL6. Much of the atmosphere is treated as Toxic (B.429)

Characters for this campaign start at 75 points, -30 disadvantage cap, and -5 quirks. Average starting wealth is $2000. Wealth spread is 30% stationary, 70% carryable (housing is extremely small, ranging from barracks style up to a whole room of your own).

TL7 steel weapons are available at 1.5x cost, no weight penalty for higher TL gear. TL7 gear in general is available at usual penalties, with pre-calamity gear generally coming with the Rugged enhancement, for a total of 4x cost. TL6 gear, being priced assuming the presence of factories and mechanization, is at 1.5X cost. TL5 equipment and below is available without any price increase. Due to the presence of smaller races and leftover bits of super science, certain gadgets are available at sizes small enough to be integrated into other things where normally not allowed at this TL (Geiger counter watch, etc). High tech low tech armor rules are in effect, metal armor is 2x DR for same cost and weight, or same DR for 1/2 cost and weight.

Fuel is semi-prevalent due to species with natural flame weapons, but is low octane and dirty, and generally unfit for use in internal combustion engines. Most powered vehicles, both pre and post calamity, operate using recirculating steam engines of various sizes. Surviving and new production vehicles can usually be operated without power, but include standard lead-acid batteries for powering such things as headlights and radios.

Firearms, due to difficulty with manufacturing and a limited pre-calamity supply in this region, are at 2x price for new manufacture guns (stats and details coming soon). Cheap guns can be improved to good with an armoury roll and some time to improve the fit, and improved again to fine (reliable) per rules in High Tech, requiring more time and money for replacement parts. Pre-calamity guns or very high quality reproductions are available at 3x price.

Ammunition is primarily poorly made handloads. A few stations in ammunition manufacturing towns were able to salvage equipment for proper primer making, progressive reloading dies, and other such things that permit the production of standard quality ammunition.
Cheap handloads: 2x High Tech list price, -1 malf in self-loading guns, -1 damage per die, exploding gun rules remain in effect for malf table rolls. Cheap shotshells use 2.75" shell stats, but 3" weight and cost, at 1.1x list price.
Standard quality ammunition: 5x High Tech list price, no other changes.
Specialty ammunition: Can be made from either type, adjust from adjusted price/size/weight.

Standard calibers (game book equivalents): 7.62 Mauser, 9mm parabellum, .45 ACP, 12 gauge shotshell, 7.62x39, 7.62x54r, 12.7x108.

Rules in Effect:
Tactical combat rules, all rules for environmental hazards, time use during periods without activity.
Routine shopping and similar things, while simplified by equipment listings, will be handled out of game unless there's good reason. A small amount of text chat based RP will take care of rolling if needed.

Optional Rules In Effect:
Modifying Dice + Adds: (B269)
Gun Malfunctions: (B279)
Maintaining Skills: (B294)
Optional Jumping Rules: (B352)
Extra Effort in Combat: (B357)
Changing Posture In Armor: (B395)
Tech Level Specialization: (High Tech 11)
Partial Armor Coverage: (Hitting 'Em Where It Hurts, High Tech 69)
Weapon Handling and Maintenance: (High Tech 79)
Pistolero: (High Tech 84). Additional mod, at Guns (pistols) at DX+2 or higher, 2 hand shooting always counts as braced.
Optional Wounding Rules: (High Tech 162)
Sheaths (High Tech 198)
A bunch of stuff from Tactical Shooting (Tactical Shooting)

Additional non-book rules: Luck Points, treated as a single use token good for a reroll using the Luck advantage rules (B66). Luck may be gained by pulling off a lucky roll, pulling off fantastic tasks, and whatever else I feel warrants a reward. These points are primarily to offset the sheer lethality of GURPS with realism rules in effect.

Special Extras:
A supplementary character sheet will be provided with space for tracking injury by location, armor and equipment by location, and equipment specialty stats (DR, HP, HT, specialty notes). A cheat sheet of common but hard to remember rules and optional rules will also be provided.

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