Wednesday, November 26, 2014

GURPS: New advantage: Injury Tolerance (Resiliant Physiology)

I've had thoughts for several types of character that don't quite fall into the definition of other injury tolerances, but aren't quite as easily damaged as most living things. Here's my take on it

Injury Tolerance (Resilient Physiology). 15 points.
Designed for life-mimicking constructs, cyborgs and androids using synthetic muscle fibers and durable artificial organs, engineered supersoldiers, and things like Orks from WH40k, who are equal parts animal and fungus and substantially less susceptible to problems with holes in them than normal. Your system is durable, built and reinforced to take damage, but still approximately living. Your body is composed of more durable materials, and resists permanent cavitation, bruising,  All damage modifiers are reduced by 1/3. Hits to the vitals do only 2X damage, and if bleeding rules are in effect, can be taken care of by First Aid instead of requiring surgery. Several advantages that give improved durability (injury tolerance, resistance, etc) that are otherwise restricted are unlocked if you purchase this advantage. Combined with High Pain Threshold, you may make a will roll to retain full move if below 1/3 HP, or 1/2 Move (rather than 1) while below 0 HP if you are still conscious. Crippling injuries may be similarly resisted with High Pain Threshold with a Will-2 roll.

Enhancements: Easy patient; Due to its durability, your system is easier to repair. +2 to first aid, surgery, and physician rolls to repair physical damage. +33%

Limitations: Less Shock; First Aid after the fight assumes most of the HP lost is due to shock, which is easily recovered. Due to a more resilient system, you take less shock, so first aid to treat shock restores health at 2/3 value. -33%

Thoughts for balance tweaking, or other enhancements or limitations specific to this advantage are welcome.

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