Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tech Tuesday, mega-edition

Woo tab clearing. Have some SCIENCE.

I recall Google talking about something similar, but accomplished by way of balloons instead of satellites.

Meanwhile, a substantially more down-to-earth take on it is to convert the now largely defunct payphone network into a series of wifi hotspots.

Using all that freely available wifi may be a new alternative to the QR code, that's far less obtrusive to use, and doesn't require careful orientation of sensor to code.

On a less useful note, yet another thought on a smartgun. This one, however, is A) aimed specifically at police, and B) is purely a reporter, and in no way impacts the gun's actual function. I can think of a heck of a lot of ways to kill the thing REALLY easily, but that's par for the course for "smart"guns.

On the opposite end of the scale, in terms of guns, is a 3d metal printer that's not insane and ridiculous. Needs further development, but it's about the most realistic take on it I've seen so far for home use.

http://www.thegunyouwear.com/ Came across this thing, technology? Found via New Jovian Thunderbolt It looks freaky, but comfy, other than having heard iffy things on Taurus.

LASER BEAMS. Now if we can just scale this down to be conveniently man portable...

And now for something completely different!
Genetically modified potatoes, designed to be deliciously fried with less cancer.

More attempts at better batteries/supercapacitor bank things. Last time I saw these about 5 years ago they were promising within 10 years. Now it's within 5. Let's see if they actually pull this off. Then we just have to figure out how to power the things.

Astonishing, cutting edge medical techniques are expensive!

Speaking of health related things, space continues to be bad for you.

Speaking of space, more power suit stuff.

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