Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tech Thursday

Came down with another case of "can't be arsed" on Tuesday, so here it is now because so many tabs open.
Not quite a "read your thoughts against your will" device, this has a lot of possible positive and negative uses that I can see (although negative uses, without a substantial jump in capability, would require regular use to become fairly widespread). At present it requires the system be trained for the user's brain. The article talks about it being used to allow people unable to speak to do so, but with the capability of voice control (or good old fashioned text command line) it could probably be used as a control interface for computers.
More on the topic of communications, dog-to-human and back translator
Never had problems with that particular part of getting blood drawn (I've got veins like firehoses), still seems very useful for people that aren't insane and minmax in real life the way I do.
Tabletop particle accelerator. SCIENCE! The reason we got to where we are today on fossil fuels is because they freaking WORK. Batteries are terrible. I also approve of this because gas powered personal electronics are dieselpunk as hell, even if it doesn't have an actual engine (which I'll admit would be just a tad over the top). Just need to combine this with some work I've seen on synthesis of fossil fuels and it's extra all good.

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