Monday, November 10, 2014

Interview Excitement

Not related to the interview itself, of course. That was a fairly standard affair, the usual question and answer session.

What WAS far more exciting than I'd planned for the day was getting sideswiped hard enough to spin me off the road. Was able to control the car through the fishtail/skid (hit lifted the rear end off the ground, dropped it into a bad skid I was unable to recover from) enough to set me down gently facing the wrong way down the freeway on the right shoulder.

I'm undamaged, and other than a bit of a scrape and needing a new driver front rim, the car is just fine.

I was pondering a motorcycle commute not long before I got rammed. A cage is mighty nice when surprise bullshit inflicts itself upon you. Definitely affirms more than anything else that I'm not riding a motorcycle until I've worked out just how to put said cage on it. It ain't a hard science, it just takes more effort than the standard "none" that is usually put into it on bikes.

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