Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tech Tuesday, a lot of AR stuff edition

Gecko climbing. How far we've come from Adam Savage's crazy vacuum pump rig to today.

Crazy ultra tech blood loss prevention, and the lab that makes it.

And now for a bunch of stuff for VR and AR.

Up first? A way to interact with it.
Leap Motion, while being of questionable utility with a regular computer designed to be used with a regular interface, has great possibility for VR use, or even just things like the RIG from Dead Space (what good are crazy floating holograms if you can't do stuff with them?)

You've no doubt heard of Google Glass, but have you heard of Magic Leap? It's designed to be true Augmented Reality AND Virtual Reality, rather than merely a scouter from DBZ

Less groundbreaking but more conventional and likely to actually hit mainstream, is Project Tango. A high powered tablet, with the same tech as a Kinect (or Leap Motion) built in to allow it to do useful things like 3D map stuff. Also, AR.

And plans to actually USE AR, as opposed to "hey look, a thing we can do except it's terrible and pointless at this point!"

A worm brain has been successfully wired into a robot, which reacts to all stimuli as expected. Worm got a full prosthetic body, although I imagine said body doesn't include much life support stuff.

Not quite AR, but more development on integrating tech into regular use in ways that aren't obnoxious as heck.

Wireless charging is getting to be more of a thing, and will likely be the way first generation cyberware runs, until we figure out a power generation system that is powered by the body in some way. Build it into a couch cushion, bedsheet, car seat, etc, and keep your 'ware topped up.

A magic weird purple that does strange things to light. Probably not likely to advance SCIENCE! but interesting.

This, however, IS useful. Super biodegradable and recyclable plastic, Presumably they'll be able to dial in that 3 hour time into something that won't instantly degrade if it ever goes outside.

Biomethane; poo-gas burns, and you can run an engine with it. Long as it doesn't make your exhaust doesn't smell like farts, might as well?

And one last thing, Science determines that dogs do in fact love you.

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  1. And one last thing that I figured I'd add as a post-thought

    Virtua-porn. Not yet into the future enough