Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Duck Dynasty Incident in a nutshell

As far as I can tell, it pretty much went like this

-Mostly stereotypical conservative Christian redneck family starts business doing something they love.
-Family gets fairly wealthy doing something they love.
-Because it's something they love, they remain rednecks.
-Because they remain rednecks while being rich, they receive a TV show because that's basically the set up to Beverly Hillbillies.
-Show becomes wildly popular because rich rednecks are much more interesting than normal rich people, among other things.
-One of them goes to a media interview, and is asked the Standard Conservative Christian Bait Question.
-He answers this as a conservative Christian.
-Some people are shocked, and demand his head on a plate.
-Other people go "really? How are you surprised by this?"

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