Thursday, December 19, 2013

Linkdump: Trust Your Government edition
This reminds me of the other case earlier this year, where a guy was recording a SWAT raid, and an officer started getting belligerent and trying to arrest him for it, making his dog get aggressive and ultimately shooting it. Some people said "well, dog was aggressive, therefore good shoot", but I wouldn't be at all surprised if aggravating the dog to a shootable level was deliberate. Sure, you can arrest someone for recording of cop and it'll get thrown out immediately, but shooting someone's beloved pet is a good way to warn against them ever daring to go against you and hard to undo.
In what will be a surprise to nobody who's payed attention, the ATF continues to do pretty much whatever the heck it feels like with no regard for law or decency.
If we were to revisit this, it'd pretty much throw out the entire NFA based on the fact for militia purposes, since basically all the NFA stuff that's banned is now pretty standard military gear.
Get victimized, get evicted as punishment for making the city's crime numbers go up
War is a harsh experience? Here, let us help you by drilling out your brain. No, you don't have a say in it. Your government loves you.

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