Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Setting the bar low

As I've mentioned, I've got a gun I'm working on the design for. My goal is to have it be competitive price-wise with the Mosin Nagant, or how the SKS and cheap AKs were back in the days of yore. Rather, I want it to dethrone those guns as the "first guns because cheap", by offering a superior product that's even new production for the same price. Setting the bar as low as possible, from the consumer's standpoint. And yet, I plan to deliver the absolute best possible gun I can despite the price point, so that low bar becomes a limbo bar from a design standpoint. I want it to be tough, reliable, dirt simple, so simple it can be sold for $175 at the very most, yet able to compete with guns that cost $500-1000.

A few of my design goals:
4-6 MOA accuracy (limited by the lockup of the action, or I'd go for higher)
Weight under 10 lbs
Uzi level reliability
Takes STANAG mags, and with a barrel swap can work in any caliber an AR-15 can.
Goal price of $100 per each, max acceptable price $175
Can be built with no tools except a dremel tool
With hand drills, a drill press, and drill guides, can be produced assembly line style to the tune of many hundreds per day with ~5 people with no special skills required.

Basically, the goal of this gun is to be like an intermediate caliber STEN/Uzi/MP-40/M3 Grease Gun/etc. I intend to demonstrate just how simple guns actually are to make, and in doing so make a good quality one affordable to just about anyone, on any budget, who needs the best tools possible to defend themselves. If they sell, I intend to have the option of adding $25 to the price, which will go to a fund used to purchase them for schools that want to protect their students.

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