Saturday, December 21, 2013

Medicated Musings

By virtue of surgery, I'm still on some painkillers. If I've seemed slightly less coherent than usual as of late, that's why. I can mostly shrug off the mental effects of the painkillers, but I'm not completely immune.

That said, I don't have anything particularly interesting to talk about, so have some ramblings, or don't.

Since I'm looking at getting an AR-15, I figured I'd look into one of the many, many AR-15/M-16 style paintball guns around. Have a training analogue of similar size and controls (if I get either mag-fed or a qloader system), and if I go mag fed I'll feed it first strikes, that actually put it down nearly to 5 MoA accuracy and reach of 100 yards without any holdover. They cost more (around 11 times as much per shot as standard paint, but since I otherwise use about 20x as much paint to get my shots to go where I want, I'll still probably save even at $40/100 shots compared to $60-80 per 2000). Turned out one of my teammates has a lightly used one he's looking to get rid of cheap, so that's cool. Here's roughly what I'll be getting, or what it'd look like after I put a qloader on it (I'm going to try to mount mine vertically in place of the crappy little false magazine). Even if I don't get one of those, they have low profile hoppers that barely stick up past the top of the gun any, which are nice.
If I get an action cam, I'll probably post videos occasionally after games. A lot of my paintball team is actually ex-military, so we have pretty good coordination and combat performance.

 I hate being on doctors orders to not do stuff. I'm at that stage of healed from surgery where I can ALMOST do lots of things, which makes me want to do all of the things, despite the fact that I know for certain that I will hurt myself if I try. I at least don't have to wait the full 3 months before I can start running and stuff again, at least get going with cardio and stuff. I lose so many character points when I get out of shape. I miss my Fit advantage, but I'm glad that my High Pain Threshold hasn't gone anywhere

I'm helping a friend with a game he's developing. It's going to operate in GURPS/GURPS Lite, at least so far, but the thing we're doing is making a ton of characters and settings and villains and encounters, so you can at any time throw together a fantasy adventuring party and draw a few cards and have an entire adventure for 'em. So far I've built Merlin (old as hell, magic as hell), Tarzan (spear master and wild man), Mulan (Team leader, comes with Mushu the dragon to provide a one-shot artillery strike of doom as a bonus), Snow White (dwarven ranger, prettiest in all the land), Prince Charming (Fightbard, a sword and board prettyboy with a few bardic abilities). We have like 25 characters all total to make yet, just for the initial batch of PCs. We kind of feel like this has been designed as an expansion pack for a main game that hasn't been built yet (instead of being based on stories and fairy tales, the base game would just be fantasy with a bunch of different characters and more generic encounters and stuff). If it goes into print or something, I'll throw a link here to it. We'll be needing help play testing it.

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