Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanks for 1000

Can't believe I hit a thousand page views this fast. Apparently at least a few people find my rantings and ramblings to be interesting? Here's a few of the more ridiculous campaign ideas I've come up with that would be both amusing and fun to run as thanks.

Based on the Jetsons. Spacely's Sprockets, Cogswell Cogs, and the other megacorps have had their business getting ever more cutthroat. Maybe you're part of a crack team of mercs, hired to wage covert war on behalf of the corporation that pays you, or maybe you're just trying to get back safely to your house full of boxy robots and automated niceties at the end of each day. Flying bubble cars zip around, high above the nightmarish toxic wasteland that is what's left of Earth, and powered sidewalks shuttle you around between the spires your buildings sit upon. You can run this one as gritty or lighthearted as you want, with high (relative) realism or go all out cinematic with your super science.

Time to take a step back into TL0+5, and relax in the world of the Flintstones. When you get home at night in your foot-powered car, throw a stone record on the bird-based gramophone, and have a nice rack of dinosaur. Maybe you're one of the intrepid souls, braving the frontiers away from the big city, maybe even a space explorer. Maybe you're part of the intrigue of the big city, or part of the police detective unit tracking said intrigue. This one probably leans a bit towards the cinematic side, for obvious reasons...

Swashbuckling Space Cavemen
This was the example given to me as an example of how capable and truly universal GURPS is, back before I really did any tabletop gaming. This one could go a number of ways, maybe your cavemen were abducted by space pirates and pressed into service, or perhaps they've got a rocket powered by a sabre-toothed tiger on a treadmill, or even a combination of TLs, such as one might find in Thundarr the Barbarian. Magic makes space travel fairly viable at distressingly low tech levels, provided powerful mages and sufficient background mana are available.

If anyone likes one of these and tries it out, or even just wants to, I would be more than happy to hear about it, and help with figuring out details of the tech and such. When I run out of ideas for fleshing out the Wastelands, I might start a new series for making. But for now, I will probably be scarce around here by virtue of last finals ever.

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