Thursday, December 26, 2013

Marginally older and at least slightly wiser

Not long ago, I had plans to test my Sub2k as a combat rifle. Like, really torture it, put 500 rounds through it as fast as I could change mags and pull the trigger, maybe run a carbine course with it, and generally see if I could find the point of working it to death.

As I sit contemplating purchasing an AR-15, I'm glad I didn't bother. The S2k has a role, and that role is not main line combat rifle. Its true specialty is "It's $350 and fits in a laptop bag without doing anything to it". It's a great little rifle, and it has proven it's usable enough to trust in a pinch, but best to leave it to situations where its strengths lie; being fun and handy.

In relation to "it fits in a laptop bag", I kind of want to make a custom laptop bag that has a plate carrier and mag pouches in it, that can be thrown over the neck and locked down with a strap around the chest, tighten things down and you've got a full chest rig. Something to make when/if I've learned some sewing for costuming purposes or whatever.

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