Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Carbine Stand-in

As mentioned in my previous post, I want a marginally tricked out intermediate caliber pistol as a hold-over until I get my fully tricked out AR-15 down the line. Initially I was looking at the PLR-16. It looks like there's a good chance that getting a PLR-16 with a 12" barrel will be either impossible, or obnoxiously expensive for what it is.

Right now the top contender is a Krinkov pistol in 5.45. The only problem with that is trying to put a red dot on it, which is kind of integral to my plan to use it as a carbine stand-in.

Any other suggestions for intermediate caliber guns that feed off of readily available magazines and cost $350-450 are welcome and appreciated. Getting things that have sufficient barrel length to milk a majority of power out of their respective cartridge is preferred. Numbers I've heard are 10" for 5.45 and ~14" for 5.56


  1. Take the money, put it in the bank, keep saving, get what you wanted in the first place.

    I've been down the substitute measures route before and it ends in pain and madness.

    Learn from my mistakes!

    1. Thing is, an intermediate caliber carbine IS on my list of wants, because they're stupid and ridiculous. It's not a "get it only as a cheap measure." It's "I can pretend I have a legitimate excuse to get something stupid and ridiculous."

      The Krinkov also satisfies my want for something in an AK pattern for the sake of having something in AK pattern.

  2. Then tools before toys. Especially when you are justifying the toys and it's delaying the purchase of the tools.

    Need before want.

    I did it backwards for so long and now that I've gotten rewired I can see its so much better to do it in the right order.

    1. I do usually try to make all my purchases based on filling roles, even for toys. Have to still be effective, all the "fun but incredibly impractical" is sitting at the end of the list, such as a .460 S&W revolver. Lots of fun, but cannot fill any role. My Sub2k was kind of a "poor college student's carbine", and worked admirably in the role for easily traveling to and from my apartment to home, but now that that's not a thing, it's time for something with more oomph than 9mm.

      Your advice is noted, however.