Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Ahh the PLR-16. I've held one in a store, it was nice. A bit hefty, but fairly well balanced considering how much their is out in front. It will no doubt be a good bit more front heavy with a 30 round magazine in it, but still likely more manageable with one hand than an AR-15. Saw some article by someone stating that they always recommended pistols for home defense, in case you had to open doors or grab people or whatever. I'm plenty able to one-hand an AR-15, although doing so with it shouldered may be less doable depending on weight and balance, but an intermediate caliber pistol would probably work even better. My S2K works fine for one-handing (it balances like a pistol, because pistol carbine), but the long barrel's been proven to do weird things to ammo performance.

I might just go for a PLR-16 before my AR-15, so I have intermediate firepower in a package that won't just become obsolete when I get my AR. Usually I've seen the PLR-16 going for around $450 or so, which isn't bad, and would do a far superior job of impersonating a carbine for general purposes than my S2k does, performance wise. If the BATFE could actually be counted on to follow a judge's orders to stop counting putting a VFG on pistols as making an AOW, I'd be all kinds of all over that. Throw a red dot and a VFG on it, and I'd have a real nice little CQB almost-rifle.

I'd almost prefer it with a 12" barrel if I could get it, just to get as much performance as I could. 9" is a bit low for 5.56. Might have to call the company when it's time to order and see if I can get one made with the 12" barrel off of the SU-16D. It's not like I'm planning on concealed carrying the thing (and I wear a duster as my standard coat 8 months out of the year, so it wouldn't even be hard if I wanted to with a 12" barrel).

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