Thursday, March 6, 2014

Further GURPS projects

In addition to my own project for the Wastelands (which really needs a less overused name), and the slowly developing GURPS Index (all the rules that you'd want in the base book to play something other than a human or very close to human, but aren't there), I have a few other projects planned.

The first is building a somewhat complex GURPS setting based off of an acquaintance's world from his stories. Doing so will involve a bit of research to figure out the effective TLs for a few different areas, and building a template for the "improved" humans in the story (long story short, there was a mass plague requiring genetic engineering to save the species, and the scientist doing said engineering decided he knew best. It causes some problems, but at least everybody has regeneration and regrowth and resistance to metabolic hazards and other such handy things).

The other, is GURPS: Tables. Dungeon Fantasy has some rules for rolling up loot and encounters and other such things, but otherwise GURPS has almost no offerings for just generating things. I plan to change that, using the DF tables as a jumping off point. Loot, vehicles, village/town/city layouts, enemies, etc. Enemies will be organized with a difficulty rating, based on the combined point cost of the party, and for most purposes will also handle the loot generation (outside of dungeon delves, tomb raiding, and temple digs, any loot acquired will be whatever its former owners had). I'll probably break it up by Tech period (low, high, ultra) for the most part. Ultra tech will be the hardest, because the ultra-tech books assume that most current calibers that we have, many of which have survived since TL5, will go the way of the buffalo during the changeover to TL9.

One last minor project is figuring out how to handle a few melee weapons GURPS doesn't have, or I feel don't get portrayed accurately. With the rules as they are, there's no particular benefit to hitting with impaling attacks, because most slashing weapons can dish it out more on a swing than a thrust, and with a good swing you can just shear through armor. Other than that, I'm trying to build spiked brass knuckles, best I've come up with is to change damage to pi+ and retain the possibility of knockback (there were a bunch of other thoughts, but they make things more complicated)

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