Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Space Marines please

So today a friend grabbed Interstellar Marines for me. The premise, essentially, is that the gov't goes "you know, if we ever meet another lifeform from space, we're probably going to get our shit kicked in. Top men, get on that" and then they built a sweet giant underground training base. Every stage has a sun stand-in that cycles through the day, and changing weather and patterns. If you're on a ship/station/etc, you may wind up fighting with nothing but strobing emergency lights and the flashlight on your spaceSMG. The game is still in alpha right now, but it looks like it will develop to have very nice potential. A single player campaign has been hinted at by the various videos.

And now, I have a problem. I want to play a tabletop RPG, wherein I can be some manner of space marine/security. There's always the route of finding a crew for some GURPS: Traveller or something, but that's not quite what I want. Part of me wants to start rigging together a nice raygun gothic space setting, where old timey space rockets ferry a bunch of gruff military men with bubble helmets to far distant places, to use their Thompsons and 1911s to fend off the horrors of the void.

I've wanted to play in an RPG where I get to have a gun for ages and ages, I run 'em all the time, but I never get the chance to play in 'em. I might start working on something like this in addition to the Wastelands (which still need a better name).

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