Thursday, March 13, 2014

First world problems; swimming edition

Spring is pretending to exist (this being WI, it's just a teaser before second winter sets in for a while yet), and between that and having arms that are actually usable for swimming again for the first time in years, I'm in the mood for spending time in the water.

But there's a problem; my usual swimsuits are a tad on the smaller side, and don't have pockets. No pockets, no pocketknife. Actually, even the regular ones don't have pockets I'd willingly put my pocketknife in for swimming with if I could help it. And that's a problem. Gotta always have at least a knife, personal policy and whatnot. I've got my skin diver's knife, but the straps aren't long enough for strapping it to a thigh, which seems like the most logical place to put it. Neck knives might work, otherwise I just need to keep an eye out for

Even moreso, I don't have a gun I'd be willing to take in the water. I think I'm going to invent some of those single-use guns to be sold in a blister pack of three that Tam is always wanting to see, so I have something cheap and disposable that isn't a loss to dunk in chlorine or saltwater a few times and toss when it eventually rusts. I've had plans for a super-simple to make version of rifle, shotgun, and pistol already, might as well toss an extruded plastic gun that's good for 10 shots to the list. Open carry's even allowed without a permit in WI, for everything, so it wouldn't be a hassle to find a spot for the card.

I think "woe is me, however will I carry guns and knives while wearing tiny swimsuits?" is about as far into first world problems as you can get.

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