Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your home is your fortress

So you might as well make it defensible as such.

First, some tips on location selection from The Backwoods Engineer

Having selected a nice location, it's good to put some thought into the actual specifics of protecting said location if you need to. As usual, someone linked this and I don't remember who.

When I'm at the stage of my life to be buying a home of my own, I'll try to keep both of these in mind. That said, my plan for the apocalypse is more along the lines of actually trying to hold some semblance of civilization together, rather than 'go inna woods' and leave everyone else to die. There's a reason humanity has always tended towards society; it works (more or less). It's hard to do things like keep watch and sleep by yourself at the same time. Similarly for hunting and gardening (usually). Some things just work better with a reasonable number of people working together.

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