Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stealth Laws

Of the good variety. Passed in the past, but still relevant. I had paid a fair deal of attention to the laws regarding concealed carry in WI, and stopped paying quite so much attention after they passed. I was reading gunblogs and such by this time, so I figured I'd hear about any updates. Turned out when I took my concealed carry class, that there had been some laws that updated things and made them waaay better, that received absolutely no attention from anybody.

Was chatting with the HR manager at my new job regarding some of the companies policies being no longer legal, and she found that sure enough, there had been law changes that nobody ever heard about since their policies went into place. Better yet, she came around to the side of "You know, that makes a LOT of sense to make sure people are allowed to store them in their cars at least."

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