Saturday, January 4, 2014

Drive-on Truck Tracks

Turn your truck into a tank. A tank truck. Truck tank? Trank? Trunk? Whatever.

Basically, truck tracks have been around a while. They're good for snow and ice and anywhere you want a wide footprint. However, so far you always have to bring the thing into the garage (presumably if conditions are bad enough to warrant tracks it's a tad difficult to do the work outside), jack the thing up, pull the wheels off, and bolt on the track system. Now there's one that you just drive up onto like a ramp, and your wheel drives the track, which drives the truck.Their may or may not be a step of locking the tracks to the tires, they didn't show it in the first half of the demonstration video.

Other than the overly dramatic soundtrack, a reasonably good video, although they don't show any of the process of locking the tracks in place, if there is any such process.

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