Saturday, January 25, 2014

Glases/Ear Mount Flashlights

I wind up working in a lot of dark places where I need both hands and have no room to hang a work light (assuming I had one available). I usually wind up holding my Streamlight ProTach 1L in my mouth while I work, which doesn't work as well if I also need to talk to someone to ask for parts or whatever.

There are a few varieties of ear-mount flashlights, but none of them are what I'd call "minimalist"
This one in particular is the most common one that I've seen, and seems the most useful.
I've found a couple glasses mount lights, but they're equally non-minimalist, and usually rather doofy looking to boot, in ways that might work on a pair of work glasses but not for every-day wear.

Has anyone come across a 1AAA or 1AAAA battery LED light? I'm thinking I might need to just make something myself (flashlights aren't particularly complex), designed to either attach to the temples of a pair of glasses or sit comfortably behind the ear like a pen or pencil.

Cap lights are aplenty, but I don't wear a compatible hat particularly often.

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