Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Congrats on another trip 'round the sun since we agreed on how we were counting, Earth. In honor of this event, like many people, I'll make some resolutions. Unlike most such people, I'll actually keep them.

First off is the same one from last year. Reach the physical condition to meet the entry standards of any branch of the United States military's special forces. Nice to have explicit goals to hit rather than a general "be in shape". Being in shape is where I try to always be, so it's not even a goal (although I have some work to get back there. Stupid surgery and/or doc's orders against working out).

Next, martial training. Throughout college I've had a hard time keeping my skills up at martial arts (although out of shape, out of practice, and on legs that can barely hold me up I can reliably take on all comers with little difficulty). Paintballing will be done much more now that I'm closer to the team, because force on force gunfighting (particularly if I can work out a custom gun I'm working on, will have 30 round standard STANAG size magazines, so I can practice fighting with a gun that actually shoots where I aim and has the right amount of ammo). Once I find a job, I'll be able to afford ammo if I can ever find it, and I intend to hit the range a heck of a lot more often.

Finally, I resolve to manage my time effectively. Active time (work, paintball, building big and/or complicated things, gaming, etc) will be most of the time, with managed downtime (meditative things like drawing, inventing, and reading). Pending testing, the starting balance point will be set at 5 active to 2 passive.

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