Saturday, January 4, 2014

High Speed First Impression Reviews

Time now for a post-holiday, post-birthday gear first impressions

Gerber Multi-Pliers 600
This thing's nice. It's a good, tough, locking multitool for not a lot of money. I have the blunt tip one, but otherwise the same.Works pretty well at everything, wish it had a few more tools since it comes with a belt/MOLLE holster. It's thin enough to fit in a pocket, and well set with the basic tools, but a few extras would be nice. Still wishing someone would make a standard multitool with a hammer on it like the Leatherman MUT without the price tag.

Fury Tactical 2 Dive Knife
Just got this recently, seems pretty nice. Blade is very thin, great for stashing wherever, but the sheathe leaves something to be desired. It's thicker than it needs to be, for such a low profile knife, and while it holds the blade firmly it allows for some rattle. At least for my hands, the grip is too short for how thin it is, it makes me want to use a grip that won't work. The included straps are fairly long, but not long enough to fit where I want to put it, which is right along my upper thigh (at least for swimming. I hate not having a knife, particularly in the water). It fits low on the thigh, just above the knee, and rides incredibly comfortably on the calf like a boot knife. If you have a Cold Steel ti-lite, this is nearly that size, but with a shorter grip.

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