Monday, January 6, 2014

I need to hit the range

Between impossible-to-find ammo, my rifle being presently disassembled (but paying for itself by doing so, woo engineering aftermarket parts. Go throw money at Tandemkross so they can pay me to make more cool stuff), I can't remember the last time I hit the range. I know I went a couple times this past summer and once at some point with my bf.

Here's some motivation, for me and anyone like me who's inspired to train by the knowledge that somewhere, someone is better.

I am not this fast, with either pistol or rifle (although my handgun draw is darn fast). This is unacceptable. In a vaguely related matter, so much for the GURPS: Tactical Shooting rule that all gasmasks prohibit the use of all sights. Some gasmasks don't work with sights, but at least SOME are clearly usable!

Again, not that good, which is unacceptable. I need to practice with my Glock 17. Got it in ~March, and have only shot it once because I couldn't find/afford ammo. Was quite grateful to the gun shop owner for setting aside a box for me when I ordered the gun so I'd have something to try it with.

As a heads up, within my family, I'm basically noncompetitive by comparison. Outside of my family, I'm probably among the most competitive people you will ever meet. On the plus side, the power of ridiculous levels of competitiveness can drive me to be ridiculously good at anything I actually care about being good at.

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