Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gunny problems

Just graduated, now job hunting. Got a couple of offers, and now I have to check out the gun laws for wherever the job offers come from. WI isn't amazing, but it's actually better than just about everywhere in the vicinity (which is weird, since it's pretty reliably a blue state because of Madison and Milwaukee, even though the rest of the state is red).

Right now I'm looking at Michigan, not really well enthused by the handgun registration and requirement to renew carry permits every 5 years.


  1. You have to consider not just the snapshot of what the laws are today; but the trajectory of the laws. And not just guns as well.

    Michigan is not a good bet as Detroit dies. That cancer is going to spread and it's going to be a long time in its death throes.

    1. Yeah, that's why I'm wary of Michigan, but I'm still tempted by the job because between actual pay difference and benefits package offered, it's nearly $15-20 above the next offer I have so far. The job is even in the Detroit metro area (sufficiently far away to not feel like a suicide mission at least). One of the nice townships or cities or whatever it's called.

      Still, I'm pretty early in the search, so I'll see what else I get offered, and what I even can get. I'm open to having my first job be a stepping stone, but it's hard to pass up an entry job that's nearly twice the pay of the others (presumably because of the limited willingness for people to go to Michigan).