Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mythbusters for Gun Rights

They keep testing gun myths. On TV. And finding by and large the myths, including those pushed by the media, are wrong

-Suppressors are not a magical mute button that screws onto the end of a gun
-Spray Firing From The Hip is completely and totally useless if you actually want to hit anything
-Intermediate calibers are not "so powerful that hunters don't use them to avoid destroying the game", and are in fact nowhere near as powerful as most hunting rounds.

I'm sure there are others. At some point if I'm feeling ambitious I might try to find the scenes from all the shows and cut them into one big video. It's one thing to have the John Q. Random on the internet tell you you're wrong, that can be easily deflected by reality denial, but having the mythbusters inform you that you're wrong and an idiot (with results that were aired on national TV)? More effective.

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