Saturday, January 18, 2014

I wonder if they listen to themselves when they talk?
Miguel has a run in with someone who pretty much says we should throw out the entire bill of rights, because it applies to people she doesn't like.
Moms Demand Whatever claims that they aren't extremists who want to ban everything, except that they believe that completely banning the sale of guns is the only common sense thing (I mean, you can still HAVE guns, if someone died and gave them to you! Heaven forbid you BUY them though!)

I've had my own run ins with leftists of extreme degree. Two people I knew from high school actually work for the Democrat party. My sister and her husband (both of who's parents were teachers) are also diehard "liberals", although working in a prison has helped my sis figure out that a lot of the laws that will supposedly fix everything forever are basically bullshit. Here are some things I've heard them say in debates, paraphrased but left as closely to what they said as I can remember;

"Defense against tyranny isn't a valid reason anymore. The government has so much power that if it wanted to by tyrannical, there's nothing anyone could do to stop it!" while arguing to give the government more power by disarming everyone.

"We already infringe upon a bunch of rights, so that's not a reason not to do it more!" while arguing that who cares about rights? Lets just infringe more upon the ones he doesn't like, instead of infringing on all of them less.

And of course, one of my favorites,
"I don't believe your facts" with regards to the Zimmerman bullshit
Must be nice to just invalidate any evidence that doesn't fit your worldview with the power of your belief.

Another good one was the claim, with no evidence of any kind, that background checks are inherently racist, and the only way to make them fair is to demand universal background checks.

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