Monday, January 6, 2014

The blogosphere and/or universe is telling me to build an AR-15

A little while back, I started contemplating building an AR-15. I started looking into the finer details, and mentioned that if anyone had any tips they'd be much appreciated.

Suddenly, everyone everywhere who writes about guns began posting guides for building an AR-15.
Bloggers, magazines, everything short of a TV documentary started talking about their process for building a great gun.

The only other thing I would use the money for at present is a 3D printer, and the software I tried to buy for 3D modelling is/was useless. No working modelling software, no point in a 3D printer.

Clearly, it's a sign that it's time to build an AR-15 (or it's just that I would really like one and coincidences seem to support my desire when viewed in a slightly superstitious manner... nah, must be a sign)

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