Sunday, January 12, 2014

Named Weapons

Not GURPS related, they have adequate rules for handling that.

I've found that a lot of people, both on blogs and that I know in person, have named at least one of their guns. The rule I've heard is your first gun needs a woman's name from the country of origin.

Usually weapons get either the name of a member of the opposite sex, or genderless. Presumably a gun named for the same gender is for homosexuals (Now I want something of vaguely Spanish origin named Enrique).

I have two guns with names, one of which I don't even own yet.

The first is my glock 17, Hammer. I'm not entirely sure when it received the name. I never consciously selected a name, or decided I was going to name it, or anything similar. It's just that Hammer is linked to it as a name in my mind. The only explanation I can come up with is that I began to carry the pistol while regularly playing as a Dwarven cleric. In case of trouble, I drew my hammer, that my character carried in a belt loop right where the Glock rides on my hip.

The other gun is Dragon Slayer, the .50 BMG I will someday purchase. This was decided while watching The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Once again, I didn't decide upon the name, it just kind of attached itself in my head to the eventual .50 BMG I will get.

So what guns do you have that have acquired names, deliberately chosen or otherwise, and how were those names selected?


  1. It comes from the same place as naming your sword. Lesser weapons don't get names (unless they are insanely powerful examples) so a spear might get a name if it was a really good spear, but a dagger or sidearm?

    The giving it a girls name is essentially a dirty joke in that the recruit is forming a relationship with their rifle that is stronger than any bond with a mere woman. Under this rule, a woman would give their rifle a MAN'S name. It should be a name your lover would wear. So if you're a man with a rifle named Steve, you should be a little bent.

    1. I thought it was something like that. Certainly makes my preference for non-gendered names make sense, by virtue of being somewhere in the grey area between asexuality and bisexuality.

      Actually that's an interesting thought for making a gay/lesbian character without being really overt about it. Nothing but a bit of named signature gear of the same gender, and sex appeal rolls against them that don't work right to clue the rest of the party in.